They hate us cause they ain’t us….


Truly amazing – the responses I get from some people. I’m not just talking about people I’ve never met before, I’m talking about people I’ve know for 30 years.

Suppose, if you would, Ponce de Leon had discovered the Fountain of Youth. That would be absolutely incredible, wouldn’t it! I can only imagine him returning to Spain, barging into King Ferdinand’s palace screaming “I have discovered the miracle of ever-lasting youth!!!“.

Everyone that heard of the discovery would undoubtedly want to purchase, but he’d need more. So the King would fund his expedition by levying a tariff on the life-renewing water from the Fountain of Youth. Anyone who wished to be forever young would have to purchase the water to offset the cost.

Fountain of Youth map

Okay, I realize this didn’t happen, but the concept is exactly the same!

Fast forward to the 21st century. And lets stick with feeling good about yourself. Usually this means a few things: either joining a gym, or eating more healthy meals, and eating at home more often (healthier meals would probably mean shopping at Whole Foods Market), or both.

Are those free? I seriously doubt it!

Your monthly gym membership pays for the staff, the building and whatever is left over goes to the owning company (like a tariff). If you buy food to cook at home from Whole Foods, well, each item is anywhere from 50% to 500% more than it’s “non-healthy” alternative at Wal-Mart, but the price you pay gets distributed between the employees, the location, replenishing inventory, the equipment, with any that is left over going to the owning company (like a tariff).

What I also find amusing is that most (if not 95%) of the people that I’ve know for 30+ years have been in the corporate world since graduating college. They are turned off by anything that has to do with Direct Sales (ironically, they don’t have an issue with Car Salesmen or Real Estate Agents – but I guess those don’t count).

Their primary objection is that Direct Sales equals Pyramid Scheme, sort of like the three below:

Corporate Pyramid
The Corporate Pyramid


Social Pyramid
The Social Pyramid
Government Pyramid
The Government Pyramid

But these don’t count – because these are acceptable pyramidsthe way of the world.

What’s most aggravating, even more than the objection of being presented with a product that can only be purchased via Direct Sales, is the knee-jerk reaction of considering my intentions are solely based on business, and not the person’s well-being!

As I mentioned earlier, these are people I’ve known, been friends with,  for 30+ years! And (call me thin-skinned) but I get offended that anyone would think I was targeting them for financial gain. It’s like they can’t see the forest because of the trees.

The product I’ve been introduced to, is the most amazing, incredible, all natural, nutrition repairing/supplement system I’ve ever heard of, or consumed, myself! If this sounds like a sales pitch, just read my first day story!

I feel like Ponce de Leon after finding the Fountain of Youth! I know he didn’t, but if he had. I want to share what I’ve stumbled upon with everyone I know, everyone I meet, and ESPECIALLY everyone I’ve known well for 30+ years!

Let it be known – this isn’t a hoax, this isn’t a joke, and I could care less if anyone ever took advantage of the financial opportunity that is inherent with any product, or service, that is only available through the Direct Sales channel.

I guess I’m open minded and see this as the next, inevitable evolution of the workplace. We’ve seen that corporate loyalty is a thing of past (our grandparents’ security) and is now a myth. And that performance-based positions are going to be the only ones available in the not-too-distant future. We, as a society, have to face the fact that hourly/salary compensation plans are going to start disappearing. To be replaced by base-salary (significantly lower) positions, with the possibility of Incentives or Bonuses – all based on the employee’s performance. If you don’t see that, take another look, it’s starting to happen all around us.

But I guess it’s like they say – “The hate us cause they ain’t us. Haters gonna hate, ain’ter’s gonna ain’t!”


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